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i think there is a major opportunity in trust and reputation-building for all of these collaborative consumption companies to work together. if you are a mentor and leave the place spotless and have been a good tenant, can you then rent a car on get around and bring that reputation with you so that people can see that you have participated in other sharing companies as well? i think there is a huge opportunity there for us to collaborate. there's a lot of companies hopping up in a specific space looking at the problem. i am advising a new company called project trust, which has no product yet, but just a general mission statement around this area, which you might find interesting. i would say there is a lot of innovation that needs to happen there, and i think we can all work together to help cultivate trust across communities.
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>> i will push back a little bit. i do not think trust is as big a barrier as what i have been hearing. a recent study by a pr firm found that trust in big institutions is at an all-time low and that with that is an increase in trust in individuals and trust in each other, right? i think that is a huge opportunity. this is why it is happening, i think, and the sharing economy is emerging now. part of the reason it is happening is that social media is sort of like sharing training wheels, you know? you can share a link or remix a video with people from around the world and see how will it was, and it is easy and low-cost and not risky, but there's a certain logic there that easily
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translates into the offline world. we did a survey, the first-ever survey research about sharing attitudes and behavior, and it showed that 78% of social media users were -- fell likely to share offline also. i think social media is like this, the thin edge of the wedge of the schering economy. it has kind of open the doors. -- of the schering -- the schering -- the sharing economy. that is our last question. i want to close quickly just by saying that our view about technology is that he is not an inanimate object that controls our destiny. it is something that we decide and what we want. i feel like this is a very
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constructive conversation that is a stark about what kind of society we want to have, what kind of people we want to have. i want to thank the mayor, spur, our awesome panelists for a very rewarding panel. thank you. [applause]
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November 5, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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